Our Proposal.

First Media

Squarespace Website Extension Project

05 / 12 / 2018

Scope of Work

- Find 2-3 new images per brand and main cover photo
- Edit text in brand blocks
- Replace logotypes in brand blocks
- *Add videos from Youtube, Facebook and Instagram
- In Brands We've Worked With, remove photo and create a slideshow for the brand (partner) logos
- In Advertise With Us, make logotypes clickthrough and change button text to 'Advertise'

About Us
- In Our Culture, create button and link to Muse HR Marketing page
- Design bio pages for the leadership team and make their names/photos clickable

Brand Pages (Overall)
- Replace logotypes
- Redesign Stats block (bigger/clearer)
- Social Media icons instead of words, and add Youtube
- Fix order of content blocks on mobile
- Redesign Case Studies area
- *Live social media feed: Incorporate Facebook, Instagram & Youtube feeds

Brand Pages (Blossom)
- Replace cover image & logo
- New images in Case Studies

Brand Pages (So Yummy)
- Replace cover image & logo
- Add Walmart instead of Krave
- Change Green Chef to bottom

Brand Pages (Blusher)
- Replace cover image & logo

Brand Pages (Baby First)
- Replace cover image & logo
- Remove Case Studies area
- *Add sizzle reel (video pulled from Vimeo), play automatically
- No live social media feed
- Design section for cable providers
- Design Brands We've Worked With section
- Design section for Shows
- Add CTA button and link to babyfirsttv website

Work With Us
- Change overall name to Advertise
- Set up email for the contact form
- Remove phone number

- Find better visuals
- Add up to 2 new PR releases

- Link to Muse instead of Lever

* We will design using Squarespace capabilities, no outsourced coding. If the requirement is not possible within Squarespace's capabilities, we will propose an alternative solution.

Rate: $2,950


- 50% downpayment is required to begin work
- 50% final payment is required before delivering final edits
- 2.5 Rounds of Revisions are included
- Extra rounds of revisions will be quoted at $1,250
- Payment method: Credit Card
- No refunds


- After agreement is signed and downpayment has been received, 5 business days for first draft
- 4 business days per round of revisions


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